[2009/08/31] Korea

Five in the Black
Похоже ЮнДже все-таки удается выйти хоть иногда вместе в город))))
Да еще Дже ездил смотреть на съемки Юнхо :alles:

On August 31, 2009 YunJae were seen out together (just the 2 of them) with staffs to have dinner. After the dinner, Yunho went to salon to get ready for his filming "HTTG". An insider stated that Jaejoong drove towards the set of "HTTG" to watch Yunho film. And And...it is also said that Jaejoong was THERE! in the open shoot of HTTG *soccer match* to watch Yunho in action. However, no pictures are seen of Jaejoong.
Man..i seriously hope that this is true.really. How cool would that be LOL. Jaejoong as the main herione and Yunho the hero...Jaejoong cheering for Yunho and Yunho getting all hyped up! ha ha aw my YunJae

Credit: Baidu & Quotes from Babycookie@AF

UPD: спасибо, cero )))

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2009-09-04 в 01:58 

уже и фанкам имеется :alles:

2009-09-04 в 06:10 

I'm not a Yunjae shipper, I'm a Yunjae believer
cero Спасибо)))))

2009-09-04 в 10:29 

спасибо *любит фанкамы* :D

2009-09-05 в 00:54 

Не за что)) ох уж эти ЮнДже :alles:

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Five in the Black